Brake fluid tester Buzzetti
12-16 darba dienas Modelis: WB-0576
Tester to measure the water percentage in the brake fluid. Excessive moisture increases the risk of ..
Digital Scales Touchscreen
Pieejams Modelis: L-SA120
Universally usable scale with touch screen – indispensable for all serious racers! The scale’s very ..
Feeler gauge Motoforce, 20 blades (0.05 - 1.00mm) universal
Pieejams Modelis: MF99.00803
Feeler gauge from Motoforce to measure valve clearance in 4-stroke engines. Consisting of 20 blades ..
Fork Oil Level Tool
7-9 darba dienas Modelis: CGN493990
If you want to check and adjust the oil level on the fork yourself, we recommend this Fork Oil Level..
Fuel hand pump Motoforce
Pieejams Modelis: MF99.00126
Compact hand pump to top up fuel from Motoforce. Suitable especially for small and hard-to-get-at ta..
Ignition Spark Tester Buzzetti
Pieejams Modelis: WB-0568
Simple tool to check whether there is an ignition spark and whether a part of the ignition is faulty..
Ignition tester Motoforce, universal
Pieejams Modelis: MF99.00130
Pieejams Modelis: MF99.00071
In order to adjust your internal rotor ignition, you’ll need either a dial gauge or a micrometer. We..
Micrometer (14x125mm)
Pieejams Modelis: CGN7579
Micrometer for 2-stroke engines (0.1mm scale)
Pieejams Modelis: WB-4936
Instrument to adjust your inner rotor ignition. Buzzetti offer their micrometer with 0.1mm steps, wh..
Micrometer for 2-stroke engines (0.1mm scale)
Nepieejams. Modelis: CGN477380
Micrometer for 2-stroke engines (0.1mm increment scale), useful tool for precise adjusting of igniti..
MotoForce Air Pressure Gauge digital 0.1-7 bar
Pieejams Modelis: MF99.20171
Digital tyre pressure gauge from Motoforce. The gauge is easy to use: simply place it onto the valve..
MotoForce Compression Tester M14/M18
Pieejams Modelis: MF99.00140
If you want to check whether your cylinder still has the ideal compression (and therefore performanc..
MotoForce Dial Gauge Holder
Pieejams Modelis: MF99.00113
Indispensable for all performance ignition systems, where ignition timing has to be set by hand (e.g..
MotoForce Dial Gauge, 0.01mm, d=8mm
Pieejams Modelis: MF99.00112
Indispensable for all performance ignition systems, where ignition timing has to be set by hand (e.g..
MotoForce Digital Caliper Gauge 0-150mm
8-10 darba dienas Modelis: MF99.00115
Digital caliper gauge from Motoforce for exact measurements. Useful to find out squish clearance or ..
MotoForce Digital Multimeter 18 ranges
Pieejams Modelis: MF99.20163
This digital multimeter from Motoforce measures current, voltage, resistance and battery voltage. It..
MotoForce Jet Gauge Kit (0.45-1.5mm)
Pieejams Modelis: MF99.00801
A feeler gauge allows you to measure differences between jet orifices, which can be necessary becaus..
MotoForce Solder Wire d=1mm
8-10 darba dienas Modelis: MF99.20162
Solder from Motoforce for clean electrical connections, with a diameter of 1mm and length of 3m. Als..
Stage6 Degree Wheel black
Pieejams Modelis: S6-4000SC
If you are into tuning and want to get the best performance out of your cylinder: Stage6 Degree Whee..
Tensioning gauge for timing belt Buzzetti, Yamaha TMAX 530cc
12-16 darba dienas Modelis: WB-0312
Thread Pitch Gauge
7-9 darba dienas Modelis: CGN478334
Timing light with Xenon strobe lamp, 12V
Nepieejams. Modelis: DS-30143
Timing light to synchronize ignition system and piston movement. Works with 6 Volt and 12 Volt ignit..
Tire Pressure Gauge
Pieejams Modelis: B890329
Top quality Tire Pressure Gauge for checking tire pressure in no time at all. 0 - 4bar...
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